Better Late Than Never… Right?


Happy Friday

Happy Friday


Sorry I’m a little behind, I promise I didn’t forget about you!  How was everyone’s week?  Apartment hunting was beyond successful.  I managed to find a perfect little apartment on a perfect little street and  couldn’t be more pleased.  It’s about half the size of the apartment I’m in now so it’s going to require some major de-cluttering on my part.  Any of you have any suggestions for down sizing and reorganizing?  Anyways, here are some sharables to get your weekend started on the right foot.

Write a number one pop song, remember us when you’re famous?

Because Rembrandt

I picked this lip exfoliating set up at Sephora earlier this week and I’m kind of loving it.

I’m headed to go see this movie with my good friend Erin tonight.

Having a hard time deciding on a Halloween costume?  Want to confirm your costume’s originality? This new site from Google can help you out.

Did any of you read this article in The New York Times this past Sunday?  It’s sort of heartbreaking but also really lovely.  I can’t urge you enough to read it.


How do you plan to spend your 48-hours of freedom?




Hello My Weekend Warriors

weekend 1

Photography by Norman Parkinson

[Insert Rebecca Blackwood Lyrics here]  Happy Friday everyone!  What are your plans?  I’m heading up to Boston to apartment hunt, wish me luck!  I’m hoping to find a place that has a decent amount of space and somewhere close by to park my car.  It would be an added bonus if the place had some character and maybe didn’t have wallpaper that was hung prior to my birth.  Hopefully those ambitions aren’t too lofty.  Here are some fun things I found over the week that I thought I’d share.

Bust this out at your next shin dig for some serious remember-when moments

Some of these articles in New York Magazine are too funny and great to pass up

The most perfect fall shoes.

I have a never ending list of books I want to read but this just got added to the list.

I got one of these in my Birch Box this month and I don’t think I’ll ever go without it again.  It’s perfect for after the gym, a plane ride, a road trip, whenever you’re nervous and about a million other things.

Would you ever do this?

For all my fellow 30 Rock fans, I couldn’t stop laughing at this quiz.

What are you getting into this weekend?

Have a lovely one.

xo Courtney