Have a Great Weekend


Happy Friday you guys!  This weekend Dylan and I are headed to the Cape to visit his parents and go to an oyster festival.  Throughout our relationship Dylan has gotten me to eat dishes I never would’ve considered, beef tongue probably tops the list.  For some reason though, the most difficult of delicacies for me was oysters.  Through persistence and lots of champagne he has finally persuaded me and now I totally can’t wait for this weekend.  Here are some links I found throughout the week I thought I’d share.

I’m SO making this Butternut Squash Carbonara.  

I think I need one of these in every color.

I’ve got an interview tomorrow in Fall River and you’ll never guess whose house is there.  I think I need to stop by for a tour or maybe even an over night considering the house is a B&B!

Here’s a broke twenty-something’s guide to eating cheap and well.  I can get down with these.

Can we talk about how amazing this Halloween mantle is?!

This recipe for homemade bath bombs is big on the indulgence and easy on the budget.

Meet the first ever Cover Boy.  How cool?

These babysitters confessions killed me and were super relatable.

Hey Ladies!  How many of these movies can you check off your list?  I’m at 29.  I have some work to do.

Some of these costumes seriously blew me away!  What are you going to be??

I hope you have the best weekend and I’ll see you all Monday!!

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