Would You Rather?


Now that Fall has arrived Mondays (Thursdays and Sundays) have become football nights.  While I’ve never been a huge fan mostly because I don’t understand what’s going on and my attention span dwindles part way through, I know that Dylan loves it and I appreciate the couch time it gets me.  While he stays honed in for most of the game, I comment on the players uniforms (I like the Seahawks color scheme but what is up with those helmets Jacksonville?) and on funny commercials (like this one).

This past Monday though we got into a great round of would you rather thanks to a litany of Buzz Feed quizzes.  I’m not particularly skilled at coming up with good dilemmas but Dylan is truly talented.  I thought I would share a few of my favorite ones.

  1. Would you rather live in a 500 square foot apartment with three angry geese or in a pond with three very nice story-book like geese? Me: Apartment (I really love my apartment) Dylan: Pond.
  2. Would you rather have mittens filled with cotton balls for hands or constantly be holding onto pompoms? Unanimously mittens!
  3. Would you rather step on a Lego or get a paper cut? Me: Lego Dylan: Paper cut,”It’s kind of invigorating..”
  4. Would you rather give up coffee or drinking? This relationship runs on love and caffeine.  The drinks are out for us!
  5. Would you rather forever be covered in glitter or crafting feathers?  Begrudgingly, we both said feathers.  Lesser of two evils.
  6. would you rather always have to wear roller skates or a football helmut?  Me: Helmet Dylan: Roller skates
  7. Would you rather give up socks or underwear? Me: Underwear Dylan: Socks
  8. Would you rather walk across hot coals or broken glass?  Two for the hot coals please!
  9. Would you rather have no air conditioning or no heating?  The north easterners say no AC.
  10. Would you rather be without Seamless (a life-saving food delivery service) or Uber (an on-demand car service)?  As a carless couple, we say Seamless.

I hope you guys laughed as hard as we did at these.  Do you have any good ones?  What are you answers?

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