Getting Down to Business

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Getting in the zone and staying there is next to impossible.  For the first two weeks of my job hunt I fell down a virtual rabbit hole of lists, articles and videos all on the art of productivity and focus.  At long last I’ve developed a few practices that usually do the trick so I figured I’d reveal a few of my secrets.

  1. My Productivity Planner has actually changed my life.  It helps me budget time for my most important tasks of the day and breakdown each of those tasks into 25-minute chunks so that I don’t get drained, keeping me energized throughout the day.  I get an inordinate amount of satisfaction each time I get to fill in a little 25 minute bubble.
  2. Meal Planning has taken a surprisingly large amount of stress out of my day.  Having breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks all planned out makes it easy to plan for the day and takes some unnecessary guesswork out of the week.  I can eat at home or I can pack up and take my meal on the road.  Either way it saves some brain power and some cash too.
  3. Morning Rituals really help me feel settled and prepared for the day.  I struggle with anxiety which is often at its peak in the morning.  By developing a morning ritual of preparing breakfast and drinking my coffee while watching the news and checking emails, I feel more at ease and ready to take on the day.
  4. Actually Getting Dressed makes a tremendous difference.  I could do my job hunting from the comfy confines of my couch, I could stay in my pajamas, my hair up in a top-knot and a face mask slathered all over and no one would be the wiser.  That being said, putting on a well-crafted outfit and swiping on a little mascara makes a huge difference in how focused I stay. If I’m in my slippers I want to lounge, if I put on my new Karl Lagerfeld Slip-Ons I’m ready to get out and get it done– whatever it may be.
  5. Going Outside pays its dividends when it comes to staying on-task, focused and energized.  Fall is my favorite time of year and signals the last few months of perfect outdoor weather before the freezing temperatures come our way.  Even going out and taking a walk around my block is refreshing and helps me power through one more application or 30 more minutes on LinkedIn.

What are your best productivity tips?  How do you get in The Zone and Stay there?  I’ll take all the advice I can get.


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