Have a Phenomenal Weekend


This weekend I’m planning on continuing the employment hunt, cleaning out my closet, reorganizing my bathroom and getting drinks with a few girlfriends. I spent last weekend getting a start on my spring cleaning and it felt incredible and I’ve been on a serious cleaner’s high all week.  What are your plans?  Here are some links I found around the web this week that I wanted to share.  Happy clicking and I’ll see you all Monday!

I really want to give this book a read.

As an avid Netflixer, I found this article to be super interesting.

In my opinion, this is the perfect candle for spring.

I just love these placemats.  Wouldn’t these napkins look great with them?

This is a book I wish I hadn’t read simply so I could have the experience of reading it for the first time all over again.  This one too.

This video speaks to the transformative powers of a little color and a little you time.

West Elm is having a sale!  What better time than spring to give your home a 30% off pick-me-up?

Kind of dying over these shoes.

Great news for winos everywhere!

This cocktail sounds seriously divine.



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