My TV-Free Weekend


I’m an avid news watcher and, I’m sad to admit it, but I get hooked on shows crazy easily.  I hate that I get so consumed by random shows.  This past weekend I decided to try something out: A TV-Free weekend.

I loved it.

The weekend felt longer and more relaxing and I did all of the things I usually feel like I don’t have the energy to do.  Saturday I  listened to music while making breakfast and took my time getting ready for work.  I came home after a dinner with friends, took a bath  and listened to this podcast then crawled into bed and read this month’s Real Simple magazine.  Sunday I slept in and decided to spend my Easter doing some spring cleaning and doing all the things I really wanted to get done but always told myself I would do “later”.  I decided Sunday was officially “later”.

I spent the entire day listening to podcasts and doing the mundane chores of a typical Sunday but I have to tell you, it as incredibly relaxing and kind of cathartic.  It was peaceful and pleasant and all the inexplicable pressure I usually feel when I do my laundry or declutter my bedroom was nowhere to be found.

Maybe I’ll try for a whole week next.  Think you could do it?  I highly recommend it.

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