Being a Human is Hard…


… but I think being an adult human is harder.  Fortunately I discovered the Society of Grownupsa company that works to help young adults with financial and career planning.    They offer classes, supper clubs and even host daily walk-in times so that you can drop in just to get some quick advice.  They also have a truly excellent blog.  While they are currently only located in the Boston area, they’ve just announced that they will be expanding and opening 10 more locations throughout the nation.  Their next stops include New York and Philadelphia.  Even if you don’t have a soon-to-be location near you, you can still sign up to receive their news letters and browse their web.  I wouldn’t dane to say that I understand how to plan for retirement or a down payment on a house, but it’s nice to know that there are resources that can show me the big kid ropes.  How cool does this sound?  Do you have a resource like this near you?

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