It’s Just a Thing I Do

I have certain things that I do every week that are really small but make me feel really good. They’re kind of like weekly mini traditions.  On Sundays I always wash my bed sheets, towels, and pajamas.  It’s all done in an hour and it feels pretty amazing when you get into bed at the end of the day.  Mondays are hard but, when you start it out in a bed that smells fresh and clean they start off on a better foot.

On Wednesdays I go over to my friends Kayla and Charlie’s house to watch Criminal Minds.  We sit and drink tea (if it’s been a good start to the week) or wine (if it’s been a not-so-good start to the week) and talk about nothing and everything during the commercials.  It might not be as productive of a ritual as my Sunday Linens habit but it’s something that feeds me.  It’s really nice to have something to look forward to mid-week.  It makes trudging through the weekly sludge a little bit easier.

They may be small but it’s like giving myself a hug.  Nothing special but it still makes me feel a little better.  Do you have any weekly traditions?


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