So I Went on a Road Trip

Wormsloe Plantation, Savannah, GA

Wormsloe Plantation, Savannah, GA

Last week I took a long weekend and went on a road trip with my good friend Leonora and her cousin Wilhelm.  Our plan was to see as many quirky antique malls as possible and the rest we were just going to figure out as we went along.  We still saw a ton of great antiques but, we seemed to somehow shift our focus to ghost tours, coffee shops and revisiting allegedly haunted houses discussed on the aforementioned ghost tours.  Don’t worry, we did some other stuff too.

Our first order of business was seeing the World’s Largest Peanut.  It was simultaneously weird, anticlimactic and totally awesome– all things that a giant, paper mache peanut located just off the interstate should be.DSC_0069

Our next stop was Atlanta.  Our hotel was in Atlanta but we actually spent most of our time in this super awesome town called Decatur.  Have you been?  I would live there in a heart beat.  It’s got great book stores, lots of history and outrageously good ice cream.  On the drive there I came across this old sign:DSC_0075And this book share:


Before we (begrudgingly) left Decatur, we made one more stop at Kudzu Antiques.  If you get the chance to go, you absolutely have to.  Try to contain yourself as your go through the entire wall of kitschy salt and pepper shakers.

Kudzu Antiques

Kudzu Antiques 

After an hour or so, we began our four-hour journey to Savannah.  We listened to lots of Motown and made lots of stops for snacks.  Five hours later we made it to our mildly weird (but still great) retro hotel, The Thunderbird Inn.  They give you fresh popcorn and lemonade when you check in and leave you moonpies and RC Cola on your pillows– how great?!  Plus, while they don’t offer breakfast, they do provide Krispy Kreme doughnuts and coffee putting any continental breakfast to shame.

The Thunderbird Inn, Savannah, GA

The Thunderbird Inn, Savannah, GA

In between doughnuts and deciding which ghost tours would be best, we tooled around went to different shops.  I’ve been to Savannah a million times and The Paris Market is probably my favorite shop.  It’s got a little bakery in it and sells all kinds of great stuff that you don’t need but really want.

The Paris Market, Savannah, GA

The Paris Market, Savannah, GA

While I was sifting through all the trinkets, I discovered something amazing: there’s a basement level.  All this time I’ve only been seeing half of the market.  It was pretty cool…

DSC_0199 They were completely decked out for halloween.

We finished up our weekend at the Wormsloe Plantation (first picture of the post).  Apparently, it’s the most photographed site in Savannah.  This is completely understandable the moment you start the mile long drive under canopied by live oaks dripping with Spanish moss.

The trip was a blast but it was nice to get home.  Tell me about your best road trip!

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